Certified translations

We carry out sworn translations, appraisals and certifications with great care in accordance to well defined procedures.

  • We offer a complete service which includes:

      - translation
      - proofreading
      - completing all the court procedures
      - delivery of the documentation to the client (courier)

    A certified translation has official recognition as certified by the competent body in different countries.

    We select certified mother tongue translators to ensure maximum accuracy of the translation from the source text.

    The translator signs a sworn statement before a court, assuming the responsibility to provide a translation that conforms to the original.

    The certification is required for official documents, notarial deeds, certificates of marital status, financial statements, patents, etc.

    In general a so-called “sworn” translation is only recognised in the country concerned. Its recognition outside the country is to be assessed based on the needs of the requesting authority.