Specialized translations

We provide specialized translations for specific professional fields and commercial sectors.

  1. The service is guaranteed by native professionals selected on the basis of their expertise.

          Our client projects are followed by a Project Managers who ensure effective communication between parties through a friendly approach and experienced in the use of intuitive technologies.

            The documents are translated with the aid of advanced CAT tools, which ensure terminology consistency and quick updating of texts.




Translation memories and terminology glossaries of companies operating in various industrial fields enable us to translate any technical manual.


Legal and financial documents (court documents, contracts, judgements, certificates and/or accounting records, financial statements, title searches, reports, audits, business plans) need accurate terminology which we obtain from experts (lawyers, economic consultants) who know the local language.

Information technology

Translation and localization of software and web pages is a complex process of adjustment and adaptation of software to the culture and conventions of the country where it will be used. A multilingual website is a powerful tool for business on an international scale. 


Promotional texts require creative and content management skills in order to be targeted, direct and effective. The translation must convey perfectly, or even improve, the key concepts essential for proper communication.


Translations in the Healthcare sector (pharmaceutical, research, health care, biotechnology) must be carried out only by a team of doctors, biologists, chemists, pharmacists, in collaboration with scientific editors, invaluable interlocutors for our clients.