Proofreading & Post Editing

The text is subjected to a careful and thorough analysis. Our experts check the spelling, grammatical and terminological aspects.

Proofreading is the re-reading of the translation by a second linguist, aimed at detecting  syntax errors, typos, errors in style and content, repetitions, missing parts, alignment,  layout, etc.

A proofread (error-free) text is a document that has been improved under several aspects. After the proofreading, the editing is done which checks for consistency between content and style, writing fluency, adaptation to the linguistic code to be adopted.

The proofreader must have mastery not only over the target language, but also over the subject matter and must be a didactic referencefor the original translator.

The text will be perfect, that is, definitive for the intended use (print or digital publishing), only when the translator, content manager and client agree upon the final draft.