A service that is useful for business trips, negotiations and conferences.

There are three methods of interpreting: 

Simultaneous: It takes place in real time inside a soundproof cabin. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones, and simultaneously translates through a microphone for the audience (who is also supplied with headphones), who does not know the language of the speaker.

Consecutive: The interpreter listens to the speech, takes note and translates passages. The duration of the passages varies according to the context. In general they should not exceed 10 minutes,  since the audience is incapable of listening to an incomprehensible speech for too long. The only drawback of this very efficient technique is that the duration of the intervention is doubled,  since after the speaker has expressed himself, the interpreter will have to repeat the speech in the target language.

Chuchotage:  The translation is whispered in the listener’s ear. Compared to the simultaneous interpretation, it has the advantage of not requiring instruments, however, it has the limitation of being accessible only to a small number of people (often not more than three) and at times it is held in non-optimal acoustic conditions. Consequently, the interpreter will limit the use of this technique for brief interventions.