Audio & Video

The text is translated and adapted for the media by voice and image professionals who know and apply the pace, tone, and diction of their language during the recording.

The voice-over is a technique which applies a speaker’s voice (announcer, actor, radio host) to an audio visual product, without this voice being directly associated to the image of the person in the video. The voice-over is used for:

- movies
- commercials
- documentaries
- company and product presentation videos
- audiobooks
- study and production of video manuals and educational videos
- sophisticated 3D animations 
- multimedia CD-ROM and DVD
- editing of footage taken by others
- dubbing
- subtitling of audiovisuals

The voice-over work is long and complex, and requires the cooperation of highly qualified and expert translators and interpreters.

The original text is first transcribed and then translated; subsequently an interpreter will do the voice-over of the video in the language requested, until the voice-image synchronization is perfect.